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CoVid 19 Virus Epidemic 2020 News

This is one of the most in-depth videos on understanding the bioweapons industry in the US and the players involved.

“The deep-rooted fear of contagious disease, hardwired into the collective consciousness by historical events such as the ‘Black/Bubonic Plague’ and maintained through popular culture (e.g. the Hollywood movies Outbreak and Contagion), means that people are without question highly susceptible to accepting extreme emergency measures whether or not such measures are rational or justified.”

“Whatever the COVID-19 event may or may not be, the fundamental lesson of the last 20 years is that governments can and do exploit, even manipulate, events in order to pursue political, social, military and economic objectives. Fearful populations are frequently irrational ones, vulnerable and malleable. Now is not the time for deference to authority and reluctance to speak out.

It is time for publics to get informed, think calmly and rationally, and to robustly scrutinize and challenge what their governments are doing. The dangers of failing to do this likely far surpass the immediate threat posed by the Coronavirus.  Read More…

As the Coronavirus continues to dominate headlines and affect financial markets around the world, information is not keeping up with whats happening.  Below are some resources to help you better understand whats been happening and what you can do to protect you and your family.

Dan Clark

A cytokine storm can kill you. It occurs when a very severe viral infection (such as Swine Flu H1N1 or Bird Flu H5N1) takes control of your immune system and causes immune confusion in your body. Basically your body starts to work on overdrive and becomes really confused. This reaction called “Cytokine Storm” over activates your body to where normal feedback loops designed to calm things down fail to operate.
,,,,, Your immune system becomes a runaway freight train where high fever, massive inflammation, extreme fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea dominate every minute of your existence. Did you know that MOST of the 25 million people that died in the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic died from a cytokine storm? Wow… that’s good information to know. You don’t want to be caught in a cytokine storm.
I know what you are thinking… “that’s great and all, but what does it have to do with me?”

It actually has A LOT to do with you, especially if you are the caretaker of your family, especially if you are using alternative medicine on a consistent basis. Educating yourself about this is EXTREMELY important.

You see, when someone in your house gets “the sniffles” there are so many wonderful ways of treating the illness through a natural route. Elderberry Syrup, First Defense, essential oils, diffusing, baths, glycerides, tinctures… In essence there are a lot of resources to use in order to combat the illness before it gets worse.

However, if someone in your care (including yourself of course) gets ill and it keeps getting worse, and worse, and worse and worse… you could be FEEDING the problem by what herbs you are using.

There are some herbs that COMBAT the Cytokine Storm and aid your body in fighting it, and there are other herbs that actually make it worse.

Here is a list of herbs that help to COMBAT Cytokine Storm (and if you keep getting more and more sick, these are the herbs to INCREASE), basically the good guys:
-Red Raspberry
-St. Johns Wort
-Tea Tree Oil
-Vitamin C (lots of it!)

Now… here is a list of herbs to STOP taking if an illness is starting to escalate to a BAD stage, basically the bad guys:
-Honey (any sugar of any kind makes it worse)
-Colloidal Silver

So… How do I recognize a Cytokine Storm?

Once again, if you or anyone in your care is just starting to get sick, the risk of cytokine storm is NOT real. It’s okay to use Elderberry Syrup and First Defense, honey syrups, echinacea and all the other things on that list.

However, if these signs show up and the illness keeps escalating, then be aware that a Cytokine Storm could be upon you:
-High Fever for extended period of time (102*+ for 2 full days without breaking) – See this article about the basics of fevers, gives excellent information and medical guidelines.
-Swelling and redness on the body
-EXTREME fatigue
-Nausea and diarrhea consistent for 2 full days
-Rapid resting heart rate (over 100 beats per minute)

Remember, please seek medical attention in the case of an emergency. Don’t avoid medical help when a Cytokine Storm could be upon you or anyone in your care – because it can be fatal!

NMM Suggestions During Illness

As always, the key to staying healthy is PREVENTION. Eat healthy, wash your hands, take daily herbs (like children’s multivitamin) to keep your body healthy.

AS SOON as a sniffle is heard in your household, get out the Elderberry Syrup and/or First Defense Cold and FluFormulas. These formulas are wonderful as a FIRST attack on an illness. Diffuse essential oils and put Tea Tree Oil on the bottom of your feet. Sleep and douse yourself in water, drink water like crazy!

Let me just add – when I JUMP on a “flu bug” as soon as I recognize the symptoms 90% of the time it goes away within 24-48 hours. Literally.

If the flu bug escalates and gets worse within 48 hours, then decrease the herbs on the “bad guys” list above and increase the herbs on the “good guys” list instead. Watch the fevers and stay hydrated. 95% of the time when a flu bug escalates, if you are smart about watching it a cytokine storm won’t appear. Just stay aware and educated.

But remember, please don’t shy away from medical help if a major problem arises.  You’ve got this! You can take care of your family.

Shanghai Government Officially Recommends Vitamin C for COVID-19

by Andrew W. Saul, Editor-in-Chief

(OMNS Mar 3, 2020) The government of Shanghai, China has announced its official recommendation that COVID-19 should be treated with high amounts of intravenous vitamin C. (1) Dosage recommendations vary with severity of illness, from 50 to 200 milligrams per kilogram body weight per day to as much as 200 mg/kg/day.

These dosages are approximately 4,000 to 16,000 mg for an adult, administered by IV. This specific method of administration is important, says intravenous therapy expert Atsuo Yanagisawa, MD, PhD, because vitamin C’s effect is at least ten times more powerful by IV than if taken orally. Dr. Yanagisawa is president of the Tokyo-based Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy. He says, “Intravenous vitamin C is a safe, effective, and broad-spectrum antiviral.”

Richard Z. Cheng, MD, PhD, a Chinese-American specialist physician, has been working closely with medical and governmental authorities throughout China. He has been instrumental in facilitating at least three Chinese clinical IV vitamin C studies now underway. Dr. Cheng is presently in Shanghai continuing his efforts to encourage still more Chinese hospitals to implement vitamin C therapy incorporating high oral doses as well as C by IV.

Dr. Cheng and Dr. Yanagisawa both recommend oral vitamin C for prevention of COVID-19 infection.

An official statement from Xi’an Jiaotong University Second Hospital (2) reads:

“On the afternoon of February 20, 2020, another 4 patients with severe new coronaviral pneumonia recovered from the C10 West Ward of Tongji Hospital. In the past 8 patients have been discharged from hospital. . . [H]igh-dose vitamin C achieved good results in clinical applications. We believe that for patients with severe neonatal pneumonia and critically ill patients, vitamin C treatment should be initiated as soon as possible after admission. . .[E]arly application of large doses of vitamin C can have a strong antioxidant effect, reduce inflammatory responses, and improve endothelial function. . . Numerous studies have shown that the dose of vitamin C has a lot to do with the effect of treatment. . . [H]gh-dose vitamin C can not only improve antiviral levels, but more importantly, can prevent and treat acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress (ARDS).”

For more information, below is a list of previous reporting by OMNS on COVID-19 and vitamin C:

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Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus


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Coronavirus international incidence dates:

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