This is my “About” page. This site has been a dream of mine for a long time.

I am the creator, editor, and researcher for all of the content of this site. I do not have a staff working for me to maintain or research my content. It is all my passion and pursuit to wake people up to the realities of the way the world really is and how it affects you on a daily basis.

My journey started outside of Arkansas on Interstate 40W heading to Wichita, KS. It was a few weeks after the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal building bombing. I was pulled over by an Arkansas State Trooper for no moving violation, but rather because I was driving a yellow Ryder rental box truck on my way to pick up some equipment. Nothing happened with the encounter, but it sparked my curiosity enough for me to develop a voracious appetite for all things hidden from public scrutiny.

That was April 1995. Six years later came September 11, 2001.

I am not retired with endless time to work on this site. I am far from rich. I am a regular guy with a regular life that just wants to have an impact on as many similar people that I can reach. I will earn some money from the site through advertising just to help with the expenses involved with maintaining the site but, my goal has never been to get rich quick.

All of the information presented in this website has been produced and/or written by other incredible researchers and all I have done is collect and organize it so that you can make your own decisions as to whether you believe it or you are skeptical. I advise you take everything with a grain of salt. It has taken me years of watching videos and reading thousands of articles and publications to formulate my ideas and opinions about how this massive puzzle fits together and I am still confused. All I know is every corner you turn that reveals the truth, just expect it to reveal more questions about what you thought you already understood.

What do I personally believe? This world is not ours and don’t invest much of your faith in what man has created for us. Invest your faith in the most perfect God in Heaven. Heaven is the doorway to all the mysterious keys earth / life presents. We only exist to find the right key to open Heavens doorway, no matter if it takes a lifetime of ups and downs on this earth to achieve.

Thank you for sharing this experience of growth as a human being with me. Enjoy your journey!

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